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Linx Marketing is a Canadian-based sports & event management agency that offers a comprehensive level of expertise in the management, sponsorship, promotion and production of world-class sporting events presented to the highest standards of professionalism. Formed in 1999, the team excels in event execution, with professional golf and hockey being two major pillars of expertise.

Depending on the project, Linx Marketing engages strategic partners and suppliers to ensure client objectives are exceeded and the event is top-notch.


About Us

We are passionate about sport and have been living and breathing it for over four decades, both personally and professionally.

We believe that strong relationships with clients, partners, suppliers, vendors and volunteers are critical to creating successful events.

We bring a high level of energy, professionalism, creativity and a sense of humour to the event planning process which is our secret formula for success.

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Strategic Consulting
Advising clients as to the properties they should acquire to enable them to meet their corporate and/or brand objectives.
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Concept Development
Developing promotional concepts to assist clients in leveraging their sponsorship properties.
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Sponsorship Packaging, Sales and Servicing
Conducting reviews of properties to determine valuable assets and then packaging, pricing and selling the property.
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Program Planning & Execution
Planning and executing events.
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Scott Hippe, General Manager - Edmonton Petroleum G & CC
The Executive team that oversees the event is second to none and should be commended for their continual involvement in this event. Their professionalism, commitment and dedication for the success of this event in Edmonton is critical to all involved from sponsors, community, & charities. The event generates an estimated $3 Million positive economic impact, something that during our current economic landscape is greatly appreciated. This could not be done without the efforts of the Executive Team.
Tyler McCumber - Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, 2018 Syncrude Oil Country Championship presented by AECON Winner
This event was really special for my family. Being able to win on a course that my Dad designed is something that we, as a family, will always be able to look back as a great memory in Edmonton. The event at Petroleum was the first this season that really challenged the players, with the highest cut of the year. Players on this Tour are so talented and we always enjoy being able to play in front of the fans in Edmonton. 
Aaron Crawford - Calgary, Alberta
I was an open qualifier in Edmonton and ended up winning the Freedom 55 Financial Canadian Player of the Week and the bonus ($2500).  My finish in Edmonton helped give me the confidence to know I can successfully compete with the best golfers on the MacKenzie tour and led me to successfully qualifying for the Calgary event the next week. I very much appreciated the opportunity to play and compete in this first class event.
Mathias Dahl - Haninge, Sweden
I am originally from Sweden and played college golf in San Diego. My first year on the Mackenzie Tour was in 2016 and really enjoyed the city and I now live and practice in Edmonton. I have also really enjoyed playing the tournament at all of the premier golf clubs in Edmonton including Glendale, Windermere and Petroleum, which are all great tests for players and allow us to better prepare for the next level. Everything about this tournament from the volunteers, to the support from the Oilers and the treatment of players is the best we have on the Mackenzie Tour.
Jeff Monday, President - Mackenzie Tour PGA TOUR Canada
Linx Marketing has been operating and executing PGA TOUR Canada events for over 20 years and they continue to deliver strong, community events that meet all PGA TOUR standards while delivering a great experience for fans, sponsors and players. The tournaments they organize make a positive impact in the communities, as the 12 Mackenzie Tour PGA TOUR Canada tournaments collectively contributed more than $1 million dollars for charity for the third consecutive season.
Karen Christiansen, Director - Charitable & Corporate Events - Canucks Sports & Entertainment

David and Tim have been crucial to the success of the Jake Milford Canucks Charity Invitational for many years. Their knowledge, professionalism and poise in both preparation and execution allow me to take care of our clients while they manage the scoring and on-course logistics of our event in a seamless fashion. The Canucks for Kids Fund is proud to partner with Linx Marketing Inc and Golf Tournament Solutions Inc.

Oliver Tubb - Canadian Tour Member 2008-2012
In the four seasons I have played on the Canadian Professional Golf Tour, the events planned and operated by Tim and David of Linx Marketing were without question, some of the smoothest, most enjoyable and well supported events I have played on the Canadian Tour.  Their attention to detail and ability to satisfy a player's requirements, along with demands of tournament officials, sponsors, media and guests was very much apparent and I look forward to playing future golf events organized by Linx.
Matt Johnson - Canadian Tour Member
Over the last 4 years, I have had the opportunity to participate in the Alberta Canadian Tour tournaments and the pro-am events that are organized by Linx marketing. The show that Linx puts on is highly impressive to say the least. There is no other tournament (or series of tournaments, as has been the case), that not runs a first class professional event, but organizes pro-ams at all hours of the day, all over the province! I helped with the Alberta Golf Day and numerous Junior clinics over the past four years and the organization and participation in these events was inspiring. I really look forward to this years show!
Chris Wall - Canadian Tour Member
I have played all over the Americas' and the Canadian Tour events are as good as it gets, before you get to the Nationwide or PGA Tour. This is due largely to the promoters in the different cities. They make it feel like a real event from the practice rounds, to the Pro-Ams, and clinics.  Without a good Pro-Am, the event would not even get off the ground.

Linx Marketing for example, runs the events in Alberta, Canada. Linx Marketing has been with the tour for years and has watched the tour grow and contract. They have been there every step of the way. This shows that Linx has immense loyalty to the tour and to the community where the events take place. Linx not only takes care of the Sponsors, they take care of the Players too. These work hand in hand, because if one does not have a world-class field it is hard to get a world-class Sponsor.

Linx Marketing does a great job of putting the two together in the Canadian Tour events in Alberta.  From the time I step on site, I know I am participating in an event that will showcase the Sponsors and the Players to the community. Linx really knows how to use the players to their benefit through the Pro-Ams and the clinics they run. This really gets the Sponsors and their customers involved with the event. Also, they always get the community involved in the event by having the proceeds from the event benefit a local charity.

Linx Marketing does an exceptional job promoting golf events in Alberta, and as a player hope they continue their strong success with the Canadian Tour.
Adam Speirs - Canadian Tour Member
In my years of playing professional golf on the Canadian Tour, there have been few events that compare to the professionalism of the events in Alberta. Certainly, other venues have their appeal, from Montreal with huge crowds to Winnipeg with celebrity hockey players. Year after year though, the events in Alberta continue to be events that I looked forward to for a number of reasons.

Preparation: Linx marketing events are ready to go on Monday morning. Their week is laid out well in advance and the players know what is happening each day of tournament week.

Player Centric: On the Canadian Tour, money is tight for most players. At the Alberta events, many of the players took advantage of a many number of opportunities to participate in clinics, pro-ams or off-site events that were offered. An extra $200 can be a nice treat for a Canadian Tour player.

Atmosphere: Although quite difficult to manufacture a raucous atmosphere around the entire golf course, Linx always had great focus on the atmosphere around the 18th hole. There was always a large tent, sponsor VIP section and general grandstands for a gallery. They created an atmosphere around the 18th hole that made players feel like it was just more than an average event. Also, Linx always made sure to accommodate the players by having a players only section in the restaurants, as best as they could. This was also appreciated.

Although it is difficult to make everyone happy, or focus simply on the professionals, or simply on the sponsors, Linx Marketing seems to have found a way to accommodate the most important issues for players and sponsors alike. This is impressive. I would recommend Linx Marketing to anyone who is looking for a professional, hard-working, organized company to put on a corporate event.